Top casino free games for friends and family

Play these casino games for free and become a pro. Read this guide for more information.

Now you can play your favourite games on your online casino for free. All you need to do is just create a free account on by following a few basic steps. When you play games for free, you don't need to bother about lossesand wins.

Online slots in casinos

Online slots remain the top draw for all kinds of gamers. These deliver almost the same kind of gaming experience that you get in land-based casinos. There are two kinds of slots- video classic. The latter are marked by fruits and candies, bells, and whistles, bars, 7s, etc.

  • While opening your casino account, give your complete information
  • Underage gamblers are not allowed by casinos to open their accounts

Many gamers prefer video slots that are packed with many functionalities. There is an interesting array of symbols in video slots- Wilds, Scatter, Multipliers, Bonus symbols, etc. Playing a slot is easy, launch it on your mobile phone or desktop, and click 'Spin'.

Playing online roulette for free

While most casinos offer roulette games for real money, you can play them for free as well. This is a table based game and you have to bet on the number on which the fall will fall. Roulette is fast based game and very simple to understand.

There are two versions of roulette- American and European. In the latter version, there are 36 + 1 slots;it has a separate slot for single 0. In the American version, the wheel has 36 +2 slots ( one for 0 and the other for 00).

Playing bingo for free

Another great online game available for free is Bingo. It is a card game and is played on cards. There are some random numbers printed on a Bingo card and those are arranged horizontally and vertically under the letters of the word, BINGO.

To win, you need to arrange the numbers on your card in a particular order. The one who accomplished this task first is declared the winner. Bingo can be played between two or more people and is a great way of making friends.

  • You can get bingo cards online
  • Even children can play this fun filled game

How to open your casino account

Check the credentials of your casino. Is it trustworthy? Does it offer free games? Once you are satisfied, go over to the Register section, and fill in your name, email id and other details. Verify your identity by clicking the link sent in your mail box.

While opening your account, check whether its games can be played on your mobile device or not? Most casinos work with HTML5 technology, so its shouldn't be a problem. If you are an Android or Windows user, you might need Flash or Shockwave to play web based games.

  • You can even download a few games on your mobile
  • Check whether these games contain viruses or not

Some other considerations

Don't give away your private information to your online casino. This includes your bank account number, credit or debit card details like CVV, etc. If any casino asks for these details, it is evidently a scammer. You should also avoid online casinos that promise you big money.

Please remember that all gambling , whether for money or fun, should be enjoyed responsibly. If you are gambling for fun, set aside a fixed number of hours for this activity.Keep a check on your child's activities if he is playing games for free.


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